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Shanghai, Fixed Term

About the Role

As an R&D Developer in La Forge China team, you will develop state-of-the-art prototypes that bring innovations to players and across the company, in domains such as virtual characters and behaviors, digital content creation or systemic environments to name a few. You will transform proof-of-concepts into minimum viable products that are production-ready and easy to transfer to game development and technology teams. You will also create tools, standardize processes, and share best practices to increase efficiency at La Forge.

About La Forge

La Forge is a bridge between academia and video game production, between scholars and industry experts. Dedicated to innovation, our mission is to accelerate research and development through prototyping based on the most recent academic progress. We help content creators to build richer and more believable worlds, while focusing on improving our players’ experience. We explore subjects such as assets generation, animation, gameplay AI, audio, and physics, rendering, etc.


• Design, develop, and integrate machine learning prototypes in game engines & middleware.

• Work closely with R&D Scientists throughout prototypes creation.

• Transform proof-of-concepts and prototypes into minimum viable products.

• Work closely with game and technology teams to release production-ready solutions that meet expected quality criteria (robustness, documentation, completeness, and performance).

• Develop and maintain tools and infrastructure to facilitate research and collaboration between team members.

• Encourage standardization of processes, frameworks, libraries, and best practices in the team.


作为Ubisoft La Forge 中国团队的研发程序员,你将开发最先进的原型,在虚拟角色和行为、数字内容创建或系统环境等领域为玩家和公司带来创新。你将把概念验证转化为可投入生产应用的基础产品,以供游戏开发和技术团队使用。你还将创建工具、规范流程并分享最佳实践方法,以提高 La Forge 团队的效率。 

关于La Forge 

La Forge 以创新科研在学术界与游戏开发、学者与行业专家之间架起桥梁。La Forge的使命是基于最新学术研究成果以原型开发的方式加速研发,旨在帮助内容创作者构建更丰富、真实可信的世界,并提升玩家体验。我们探索的课题包括渲染、动画、人工智能、音效和物理。 


Estimated Salary range:

Our salary intelligence calculated a range for this position between $87,000 - $118,000.

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