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Pittsburgh, Diamond Kinetics, Inc.

Diamond Kinetics, Inc., headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, has a work-at-home Product Designer position (with the ability to telecommute with appropriate telecommuting systems; remote work location must be within commuting distance to the Pittsburgh office for weekly trips to the office). The Product Designer will be responsible for blending physical sensor products user experience (UX) and mobile app user interface (UI) design skills to create and support the deployment of product experiences. Specific duties include: (i) executing product design projects from prototype through production release; (ii) participating in user research and testing; (iii) maintaining design guidelines that promote consistency across product experiences; (iv) building detailed user flows, product maps, wireframes, etc. and communicating desired UX and product outcomes; (v) capturing all states and logic for the engineering team to build out; (vi) working with user researcher or Product Manager to build interactive prototypes for user testing and qualitative feedback; (vii) building interactive prototypes and deliverables to describe interactions and motion for engineers; and (viii) designing with engineering and SwiftUI feasibility in mind.


Must have a bachelor’s degree (or foreign equivalent) in Industrial Design, Graphic Design, Human-Computer Interaction, or a related field.


Must have any experience with or knowledge of: (i) a product suite that includes both physical and digital interactions; (ii) product development with a sports or sports technology company; (iii) building interactive prototypes in a range of fidelity and functionality; (iv) designing mobile apps and understanding of iOS platform guidelines and capabilities; and (v) prototyping UI interactivity and incorporating animation in digital interfaces.


Experience can be concurrent.


Apply online at diamondkinetics.com



Estimated Salary range:

Our salary intelligence, powered by our AI algorithms, has calculated an estimated range for this position between $50,000 - $70,000 . Please note that the actual salary for this position may vary, as it is dependent on various factors including but not limited to experience, location, and market dynamics.

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