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SQA Engineer CAMIO

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CAMIO is the asset management system and MOS gateway for news production workflows.
You can use various third-party newsroom systems to build playlists with LUCI for television news programs, which are transmitted to CAMIO then distributed to graphic playout devices. 
Finally, you can use ISQ to play these playlists for your news broadcast.  CAMIO offers the tools necessary to build broadcast graphics with the assets you add into CAMIO and distributes them to the relevant playout devices.

  • Tester's mindset - be assertive and not being afraid of asking questions
  • Experience in manual and/or automation testing
  • Knowledge of QA processes and workflow
  • Ability to design and work with complex testing systems
  • Scripting ability (Python, C#/.NET)
  • Experience or willingness to learn our test automation stack (Python/Pytest with Playwright - PageObjects model abstraction, Xray)

  • Opportunities to Learn
  • Work in team
  • Test automation
  • Python, Pytest, Playwright
  • Product mocking and testing with other products across network

  • Estimated Salary range:

    Our salary intelligence, powered by our AI algorithms, has calculated an estimated range for this position between $40,000 - $60,000 . Please note that the actual salary for this position may vary, as it is dependent on various factors including but not limited to experience, location, and market dynamics.

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