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Director, Learning & Development

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Remote, USA

The Director serves as an operational leader, catalyst and advisory resource for onboarding and integration into the workforce at Midi as well as ongoing learning, education and professional development for the clinical care delivery team. Partners with all clinical and non-clinical staff in the service of welcoming new clinical hires and provides outstanding clinician experiences at Midi Health (Midi). 


  • Develops, implements, monitors and supports a Midi clinician onboarding strategy;
  • Develops, implements, monitors and supports a Midi clinician ongoing education & training strategy;
  • Develops, implements, monitors and supports clinical progress through measurable review of competency through the initial onboarding process and annually;
  • Incorporates national best practice approach to onboarding and training for a remote workforce to ensure engagement and clinical excellence;
  • Actively seeks out benchmarking from comparable organizations in order to innovate and become an employer of choice for nurse practitioners;
  • Develops Quarterly planning to meet near and long term strategic goals of Midi;
  • Financial and organizational steward of resources;
  • Active monitoring and compliance of onboarding steps as defined by policy and guidelines, responsible for collaborative case review for any deviations, as well as implementation of process improvement;
  • Clarification of role for all new hires, ensuring role clarity and expectations are shared and understood by new clinicians;
  • Culture is integrated into onboarding process, collaborates with Midi Head of experience for service training and culture elements;
  • Connection is done with warm handoff to managers and onboarding colleagues, and is documented with a SBAR for those with additional learning support requirements;
  • Designs in partnership with recruiting and Licensing, credentialing and Payor Enrollment a thorough, compliant and consistent Pre-Onboarding process;
  • Ease of transition into the new hire’s role with clear expectations and milestones.
  • Develops appropriate process and outcome metrics to evaluate and interpret the effectiveness of the onboarding program,
  • Partners with the Communications Department to ensure consistent internal and external communication and marketing strategies 
  • Develop proposal for NP Residency
  • Develop proposal for NP and MA student placement
  • Weekly new employee onboarding communication and planning with onboarding team 
  • Learning needs assessment with successful learning plan to address learning needs
  • Oversight of and Administration of Learning Management System 
  • Leads Midi health CEU and CME accreditation from a national provider 
  • Manages resources for education & training 
  • Develops a comprehensive learning and development program in support of becoming a healthcare employer of choice for all members of the clinical care delivery team.  overall learning & development 


Qualifications,  Education & Experience: What you bring to the role!

  • Required: Experience in curriculum development and evaluation
  • Required: Experience with learning needs assessment and plan
  • Required: Experience and demonstrated ability to facilitate complex projects producing the desired outcome.  
  • Preferred: Expertise in teaching online students with evidence of effective teaching
  • Demonstrated scholarship and creative activity preferred
  • Required:Master’s Degree in Nursing, with active advanced practice board certification. Relevant, recent experience in learning & development in a remote Healthcare workforce with a graduate degree in business or education, or public health, will be considered. Doctorally prepared preferred. 
  • Required:Active unencumbered license to practice as an advanced practice clinician 
  • Required: At least two (2) years of telehealth experience
  • Required: At least five (5) years of direct management of clinical teams  
  • Preferred: Experience with academic settings, as adjunct professor of practice, either undergraduate or graduate levels

Estimated Salary range:

Our salary intelligence, powered by our AI algorithms, has calculated an estimated range for this position between $85,000 - $115,000 . Please note that the actual salary for this position may vary, as it is dependent on various factors including but not limited to experience, location, and market dynamics.

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