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ML Ops Engineering Manager / ML Ops Manager / Machine Learning OPs Manager

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New York, United States

We’re looking for an inspirational leader who understands and respects the honorable burden of leading fellow brilliant minds. Someone who will have a say in how our data engineering team executes, and how we stay true to our values.

Your mission will be to build, scale & evolve a world-class data analytics platform that serves as the backbone of every decision we make at EFG. This is a unique opportunity to shape the strategy, architecture, and the tech execution patterns of an ecosystem. And lead the team and culture at a global, data-driven company that creates worlds beyond gameplay and brings communities together.


  • Serve as  a Heart-First, People-First, Leader
    • Exemplify the values we live by. Know and care for the people in your teams out of the understanding that as a leader, you work for them.
    • Nurture a blameless culture. Inspire, develop, and guide your team members to be the best that they can be.
    • Formalize your team’s identity to one everyone wants to be a part of.
  • Excel as a Manager
    • Build the processes that make us run efficiently. That automates the ordinary so we can focus on the extraordinary.
    • Be a champion of best practices for project management, find the right recipe that makes your teams demonstrate high performance.
    • Prioritize pragmatically, communicate effectively, know when to juggle and when to focus.
  • Business & Data Focus
    • Know the data - Ask ALL the whys, relentlessly, until you know it inside-out. Instill that same rigor in your teams and push context to the entire Data Org.
    • Bring Business Value - Obsess about designing tech solutions that serve the business needs and provide empirical lasting value. You’re not here to produce quantity, but measurable quality and impact.
  • Be the Face of Your Teams
    • Create strong bonds & true partnerships with your stakeholders at the engineering and data leadership level. 
    • Translate analytics needs from strategic conversations to the day-to-month actions your teams will take.
    • Tell the stories of your teams’ deliverables, know how important it is to create awareness and bridge the gap between non-technical people and what your team does.
  • Leadership Team Member
    • Demonstrate a servant-leadership mindset. Passionately deliver people, process, and culture enabling products to our team members. Consistently.
    • Be willing and able to continuously be expected to learn and improve as a leader and a manager. Challenge and be challenged to develop together.
    • Be deliberate about our leadership team’s culture. Spend time with your fellow leaders, laugh together, cry together, be who you really are.


  • Architecture
    • You see the bigger picture of the ecosystem you’re building, experienced in working as part of a holistic Data Platform solution, experienced in ML Ops solutions design with a strong understanding of Data Science and how ML models are being leveraged.
    • You’ve participated in shaping an architecture of an ML Ops  platform before. You’ve made your mistakes and learned from them. You have a fit-for-purpose mindset and you know that keeping it simple is the true mark of experience and excellence.
    • You understand the importance and benefits of building a strong and efficient of ML Ops solution, and how that is going to impact the business outcomes.
  • Engineering Hands-On
    • You have hands-on experience supporting the infrastructure required for an efficient ML workflow, from initial conception to development (DVC, Mlflow, etc.) to deployment (KServe, BentoML, TFX, etc.)
    • You have hands-on experience in building resilient batch (Airflow, Fivetran) and streaming (Kafka, Kinesis, Dataflow) data pipelines at scale (> 1 TB/day)
    • You can advocate passionately for your tried-and-true best practices of CI/CD (Github Actions, Jenkins)
    • You can build and maintain your own infrastructure through IaC (Terraform)
    • You preach operational procedures from data and infrastructure observability (Prometheus), alerting and incident management (PagerDuty, incident.io)
    • You are fluent in one or more high-level programming languages (Python, Scala)
  • Stakeholder management
    • You have repeatedly provided Service rooted in care for your customers with high marks of satisfaction.
    • You spent your time and energy creating strong relationships with other teams. Whether they are in analytics or in software engineering, you can speak the language that will create bonds. And have a track-record to show it.
  • Measurement & effectiveness 
    • You have countless examples of your data driven approach to measure your team’s solutions’ performance. 
    • You always drove towards efficiencies, lowering your cloud spend and making a process run 10% faster are always on your quarterly plan and you have the distilled insights from those.
  • Progression of Champions
    • A history of experience through the trenches: growing up in engineering, serving as a tech lead, leading engineers, Seniors, Staff engineers. 
    • You wore different hats, you walked a mile in different shoes.

Estimated Salary range:

Our salary intelligence, powered by our AI algorithms, has calculated an estimated range for this position between $130,000 - $180,000 . Please note that the actual salary for this position may vary, as it is dependent on various factors including but not limited to experience, location, and market dynamics.

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